05 - 07 June 2018
International Trade Show & Conference for Additive Manufacturing

Overview sessions

Conference structure Rapid.Tech 2017

Trade Forum Additive Contract Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing technologies offer a wide range of possibilities. Not in all cases the development of an own production capacity right from the start is useful and it has to be done a make-or-buy decision. This forum shows strategies to evaluate the right application for the own demands as well as alternatively how to identify the correct contract manufacturer. Legal questions concerning data security, copyright law and liability will be discussed as well as the topics of quality assurance and post-processing. Furthermore, OEMs have the opportunity to present their experiences with contract manufacturers or vice versa current production case studies – to ensure that participants receive a lot of “best-practice” examples.

Trade Forum Medical Technology
Additive manufactured individual bone implants and prostheses are already state-of-the-art although the economic efficiency needs to be proven in some cases. Furthermore, 3D Printing has massively influenced the dental sector within the last years and created new, fully digital process chains. In the meantime it also seems to be possible to produce cells and small organs in 3D printers.

The Trade Forum Medical Technology follows all these topics and shows the latest developments, trends and progress reports of these sectors. A specific focus is placed on the applications in the medical and dental technology concerning the production of individual bone implants and operation templates. The possibilities in the field of bio materials, the presentation of medical case studies and successful MedTech business models are also of high interest.

Trade Forum Design
Additive Manufacturing allows designers and developers to think in a new way about the design processes. At the same time new competences are required. Ideas and design approaches that have been impossible so far are feasible now. In this trade forum designers and development engineers receive inspirations and approaches how to use these new possibilities while designing components and thereby integrating new functions. Indications and practical examples for a production oriented design of AM parts, which is essential for robust production, will be covered as well. It will be assumed that the basic processes of Additive Manufacturing are known.

Trade Forum 3D Metal Printing
An exorbitant increase of the use of Additive Manufacturing technologies for producing ready-to-use end products made from metal is expected in the next years; especially in the fields of automotive industry, tool making, medical technology and aerospace technology. In this trade forum we are looking for lectures helping designers, engineers and decision makers from different sectors to identify the most suitable manufacturing process as well as the matching metal material. Furthermore, this forum shall give the participants a closer understanding of the advantages and potentials when using 3D Metal Printing.

Trade Forum Electronic Engineering
AM kann die verschiedensten Materialien gleichzeitig verarbeiten. Mittlerweile werden leitfähige Materialien und Methoden angewendet, die es ermöglichen, Mikrobatterien oder elektronische Schaltkreise direkt in oder auf die Oberfläche von Geräten zu drucken. Gesucht werden Vorträge mit Fallbeispielen aus der Unterhaltungselektronik, Medizintechnik, Messgerätetechnik, Transportwesen, Telekommunikationsinfrastruktur oder anderer intelligenter Produkte.

Users Conference
For more than 13 years the Users Conference of Rapid.Tech has been a forum to demonstrate the current level of Additive Manufacturing (AM) as well as its potential for development. This helps to pave the way for the integration of this technology in everybody's own environment.
Topics of the Users Conference 2017:

A1) Industrial Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing has long ago risen above the construction of prototypes and is now ready to leave its status as a niche technology. Case studies and applications will be presented that show where AM is already a real alternative to traditional manufacturing processes.

A2) Reorganization of production processes by using AM
Additive Manufacturing offers numerous new possibilities regarding procurement, production, logistics and selling of products. This forum shows examples of what can be saved when whole production steps will be leaved out, a demand-driven production dramatically reduces the storage or distribution processes will be changed when customers have the possibility to integrate their specific wishes of configuration.

A3) Automation and integration of AM
With the increasing AM industrial production there needs to be an integration of AM machinery into the common manufacturing processes as well as an automation of certain production steps. One important thing is i.e. the type of data transfer between the single production steps. This forum shows the current status for this, points out new solutions based on manufacturing examples and provides an outlook for the production of the future.

A4) New materials and technologies
We are looking for application-neutral lectures of all industry sectors that introduce new materials and technologies. Also the certification of new materials plays an important role within this forum.

Trade Forum AM Science
Already for the third time, there will be a purely scientific session within the Rapid.Tech conference 2017 as a completion of the common sessions. This conference with a scientific quality assurance (double-blind review of abstract and paper) will inform about new knowledge and scientific progress within the German-speaking area and takes into consideration all issues of the Additive Manufacturing process chain.

Trade Forum Automotive Industry
For the Trade Forum Automotive Industry we are looking for presentations that demonstrate where Additive Manufacturing is already used in the automotive industry and how this sector of industry will be changing in the future due to AM. On the basis of current case studies, this forum can as well reflect the manufacturing of prototypes, series production parts or spare parts on demand by AM as AM-supported tooling in terms of molds and dies for automotive mass production. Also logistics specialists are invited to talk about how AM can change warehousing in the automotive sector. Besides representatives of automotive OEMs, automotive suppliers are as well invited to present as research institutions that focus on applied research for the automotive sector.

Trade Forum Tool, Mould and Fixture Making
In this forum participants will learn everything about relevant technologies, new materials and applications in tool, mould and fixture making. This includes not only close-to-contour cooling but also Additive Manufacturing of embossing tools, cutting tools, injection moulding tools and die pressure forms. The possibilities and limits of different AM processes for the production of moulding and tool parts as well as the entry of these processes in series production will be shown. Presentations about possible business models, quality assurance, studies about the development of 3D Printing in mould making as well as post-processing of additive manufactured parts with traditional methods are also sought.

Trade Forum Aviation
The application of additively manufactured components is common in the aerospace industry meanwhile also against the background of lightweight construction. The Trade Forum Aviation will focus on technologies and applications of Additive Manufacturing processes within the civil and military aerospace sector. On the basis of practical examples for the production of technically demanding plastic and metal components for small-series production and spare parts the relevance and the customer’s benefit will be shown. Those components are used in the interior sector as well as in climate control technology or in power plants. Moreover, features of relevant technologies will be discussed in detail within this trade forum.

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