5 - 7 June 2018
Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D
International Trade Show + Conference for Additive Manufacturing

FabCon 3.D

2 Fairs - 1 Date!

The German Personal Fabrication Convention FabCon 3.D takes place together with Rapid.Tech and highlights the trends of 3D printers and makers since 2013. Various exhibitors present current developments and products for companies, hobbyist, designers and consumers in general.

International scientists, trend researchers and practitioners present the latest developments of 3D printing in the 3D Printing Conference. The conference programme is dedicated to 3d printing newcomers as well as to experts and prosumers. 

Here you can find further information about the FabCon 3.D!

FabCon 3.D presents 3D-printers, filaments and service providers


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